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Knowledge Base is Key To Website Success

As small business owners move into the busiest time of year for online transactions, it’s especially crucial for them to be equipped with the right tools to help their customer base quickly address questions and concerns, or they run the risk of losing them to a competitor.

Time To Tune Up The Online Store

Before the holiday, winter rush, its time to shore up the company’s online store.
Whether  peddling pet clothes, furniture, or even medical essentials, online vendors are going to see a surge in orders as the pandemic holiday crush arrives.

Supreme Court Gives Small Business More Clout On Infringement

For years inadvertent infringement would not than result in penalties but that has been set aside by the Supreme Court, a major win for small businesses.

5 Tipe For Small Busineses With Teams Working At Home

From security issues to regulatory requirements, having small business teams work from home opens up new risks for the organization.

COVID-19 Decontamination Steps

Effective procedures following COVID-19 presence in building environment:

Bring-Your-Own-Phone Is A Win-Win

While employers say a mobile phone is necessary for four out of every five staff positions, less than one in five provide those items to employees.
In fact, a 2018 Samsung survey found that 80% of its respondents said employees can’t do their jobs effectively without a mobile phone, yet only 17% of enterprises provide mobile phones to all employees.

5 Tips to Preparing SMBs for Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

This article was conceived and written by Rebecca Smith, VP of Marketing at The Master Lock Company and Cheryl Nelson, Meteorologist and Disaster Preparedness Expert

Quality Management Is a Necessity; Not A Costly Luxury

Quality management is often seen by small companies as less of a business optimization tool and more as a costly luxury.
Smaller companies have limited resources in terms of people, budget and time to devote to comprehensive quality management, so they may perceive that quality automation is beyond their reach.
Quality is under pressure.

Why Ignorance, Ineptitude, and Even Disasters Are No Excuse for Failure

If you’re a business owner, the vast majority of the problems that you face could have been prevented. A business is a complex human system that you oversee — and you are the answer to the “why” and “how” of problem development.

Before Cbanging The Workplace, Identify How It Will Affect Employees

Rethinking the way their physical space empowers employees to work together and manage multiple projects while maintaining creativity is now a common aim whatever the company size..