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Keyword Research, As Businesses Know It, Comes to an End

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not what it used to be.

Context, relevancy, and trust building customer relationship development are no longer just the buzzwords of direct response.

Vertical market intelligence is now required to compete for strategic brand presence on the search engines and to run profitable PPC campaigns.

Russell Wright, co-owner and developer of Theme Zoom (, explains it this way, "When it comes to effective market research and strategy development there are now two agendas: Technical and Direct Response.

The technical agenda refers to high rankings and technical SEO.

The direct response agenda refers to content and hot button keywords that convert to actual sales.

"When you build your strategies based on both of these factors, you will be choosing the keywords that are helpful to gain you long term rankings on the search engines while simultaneously choosing the keywords that will attract paying customers," Wright said.

Wright believes that traditional SEO tools often fall short in providing the breadth and depth of information required for competitive marketing decisions.

After watching companies waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on ineffective PPC campaigns and personally spending grueling hours creating complex search engine optimization reports by hand for Fortune 500 clients, Wright saw something very interesting - all searched words fit into eight different types. Each type used strategically, eases personalized content creation while growing companies' market share, online presence, and bottom line.

Theme Zoom then launched a keyword research tool including market intelligence, pay-per click research, content decision making processes, search engine optimization, and website architecture tools into a single control panel interface.

The tool also includes a library of professional training resources that help users understand and implement the broad, powerful features of the tool.

Users are educated and guided through the intricacies of Search Engine Marketing and how to best utilize the wealth of data provided by Theme Zoom.

They learn how to transform their business through improving search engine ranking for all terms related to their business and website theme generating higher revenue and increasing profit.

Beyond pay-per-click keyword cost and competitive website traffic for a keyword, Theme Zoom includes in its keyword evaluation process, five additional factors about keywords that were previously thought impossible to account for:

  • Theme Relevance: Does the given keyword contain a latent semantic indexing score (TRI™)? This is an algorithm developed by ThemeZoom that shows which keywords are an obvious choice to include in website content to easily outrank competition.
  • Content Relevance: Is a given keyword useful for both pay per click as well as for natural content on your website?
  • Architecture Intelligence: Does the given keyword belong to a profitable market theme and should you build that keyword into your website architecture?
  • Long Tail Relevance: If a given keyword is among thousands of long tail keywords within a profitable market theme, is it also the absolute best long tail keyword to include in a related article?
  • Offsite Promotion: Is a given keyword useful in offsite promotion (such as a press release anchor text) in relationship to your target industry?

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