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Videos As Marketing Tools Have Challenges, Rewards

The tenth year of this decade promises to be one of vision and video as the "YouTube" generation comes into its own.

For many business leaders, this new channel is posing vexing questions.

They see the opportunity but don't know cost-effective methodologies for participating.

So how does a business leader go about entering the world of video marketing?

A primer on how-to produce and exploit a video about company products and services is now available.

The primer comes from Mark Brodie, who has been producing video content for more than 25 years. Included in his background is extensive experience with the famed 60 Minutes television program. He has his own production facility in Carlstadt, NJ called MIB Media Works.

Brodie believes that 2010 will be the year business video really comes into its own, particularly for small businesses.

As Brodie and others point out, the Internet is about searching for, and finding information.  Companies can use videos to deliver its sales message specifically to those people who are searching for whatever product or service it may provide.

Brodie believes that by increasing both the accessibility of the information, and the spectacle of its presentation through video, a business can dramatically amplify its advertising power and thus its sales.

At the same time, the lessons to be learned from the YouTube genre of websites is that human beings view the world through all of their senses, and crave to do so in all realms of life, which is what video does. Brodie also points out that the best part of video marketing is that except for the cost of producing the video, the cost is relatively minor.

"You can increase your web site traffic by thousands all for the cost of the video and at the same time deliver the message you want to an audience that has self-directed itself to your video, he adds. To demonstrate how this can be done on a cost effective basis, the veteran video producer has put together a primer on the who, what, where and how of video production for smaller businesses.

To get this primer at no charge email Brodie at or visit his website at

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