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Using Online Video Campaigns to Reach Employees and Customers

In today’s high-tech and busy marketplace, companies that want to be successful must be able to reach employees and customers wherever they are located. 

Online marketing, including video and audio webcasts and podcasts, are the new marketing strategies that allow companies to meet this need in their communication programs.

Interactive Video Technologies (IVT) provides technology solutions for the production, management, distribution and monitoring of webcasting.  For companies interested in trying their product, the firm has a free usage program that is somewhat unique in the industry

Their product, IVTStudio ( is a self-service system that puts the power of webcasting directly in users' hands, allowing anyone to create webcasts. It is designed to easily capture and synchronize video, audio, PowerPoint, and other rich media, to enable non-media content experts to create their own professional webcasts with no training. 

Greg Pulier, co-founder and CTO of IVT, states that a user can easily create interactive webcasts that include components, such as slides, quizzes and polls.

The software then allows companies to track who attended the webcast, what portions they did (polls and quizzes answered, etc), and to create an archive for those who were unable to attend. 

Once IVTStudio projects are completed, they are automatically published, making them instantaneously available for viewing and tracking.

IVTStudio gives users the power to create and publish professional presentations and on-the-go presentations for your iPod or other digital media player. 

Users that have a webcam are able to create video and audio presentations, while those without a webcam will be limited to audio-only presentations. 

The program can create a webcast that is viewable on any computer or a podcast that can also be watched on media players, such as Ipods or video phones.

IVTStudio is available as a free download and free to use until a company runs out of the included storage and/or bandwidth.

When the company runs out of storage and/or bandwidth, they’ll be asked to choose a package for which they will be billed monthly. There is no contract and the service can be cancelled at any time.

For those that wish to create live webcasts, IVT MediaPlatform is the tool to use.  MediaPlatform includes components that enable easy production and powerful distribution of webcasts featuring streaming video, PowerPoint slides, Flash animation, audio, and screen captures. MediaPlatform is available as enterprise software or as an ASP subscription.

Darren Ross, Executive Vice President of digital marketing with Cramer (, a digital marketing and event solutions agency, spoke about ways they have helped small business owners to utilize the IVT software.  He has seen two crucial applications for this technology, which are that: 

  • A owner can use it internally to reach employees that may be scattered at different locations or on different shifts.  The owner can create an on-demand webcast that can be viewed by all employees to ensure a consistent message is given and that all see the face/brand identity of the company.
  • Te company can use the technology externally through the creation of marketing messages and products that, again, feature the face of the owner, and allow the external community to identify that person with the company’s products or services.

For more information about the IVTStudio program and to download the free program, visit  For information about MediaPlatform, please visit

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