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“Control Issues” May Hurt Email Marketing Campaigns

In the field of email, the difference between marketing bam and spam may be found in whether marketers give control over to the target clients.

Loren McDonald, vice president of the email service provider Silverpop, believes that marketers will be savvy enough to know that giving up control to the client means better results in the long-term.  

"Letting subscribers determine how to read messages, allowing them to change the format, and set the frequency of messages received often leads to more programs," he says.

Email, says the expert, is still the best method for marketers to realize a return on their investment.


“A well-designed and promoted email program will capture a good proportion of the 98 percent who don't convert to your primary conversion goal -- many of whom will then become customers because of your email messages,” he explains.


A primary concern, says McDonald, is the number of subscribers a provider loses each year, due to “unsubscribes,” spam complaints and inactivity – people who just aren’t opening your email.


“Now the good news: You can reduce this list … by making various improvements to your email program,” he says. "Welcome programs, win-back campaigns and updates are just a few ways providers can retain or rejuvenate interest in their service."


One of McDonald’s simplest tips is just that: Keep it simple. Because subscribers are viewing their emails multiple times a day through multiple devices, the format and content of the messages should be as streamlined as possible.

He also suggests providers group together links inside a message to make it easier for subscribers to share information with their friends and colleagues. If the information is clearly organized, the greater the chance that it will be passed along for others to read and, possibly, share.

McDonald also recommends that providers create a tracking system to determine whom the messages are being sent to and if they are being shared.

Loren McDonald is vice president of industry relations for Silverpop, an email service provider that delivers an array of on-demand solutions supporting both high volume/low involvement BtoC marketing initiatives and, through its Vtrenz solution, low volume/high involvement BtoB sales processes.


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