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Small Businesses Find Solution to Age-Old Question: What Advertising Works?

Running a business is more than just providing a great service for a fair price.

Some experts argue that as much time should be spent growing a business as perfecting its services.

For most business leaders, promotion comes second. They know they need to advertise and market their services, but that's not why they got into business in the first place. Yet, without advertising, marketing and promotion, their business may fade away. 

Until now, the best that businesses have been able to do is to spread their advertising dollars around, cross their fingers and hope for someone new to come to their door.

While businesses do get responses that way, they usually have no idea which medium prompted which response. They are left wondering whether the newspaper ad, the postcards, the telephone display ad or the Internet banner ads brought in the new customers.

Since they don't know, they are likely to continue to pour money into each medium, as they have been doing, in the hope of getting some further results. But it doesn't have to be like that anymore.

Now, tracking the effectiveness of advertising campaigns has become easier than ever before, due in part to technological advances in the field.

"When you don't know what works, you can't make smart changes to your marketing plans. There's an old saying that 20 percent of advertising is effective, but nobody knows which 20 percent it is," explains Andrew Schwartz, chief marketing officer of Adsymetrix."

"But we've come along and changed the playing field. With our system, we've made it possible to identify what's working. This is something that small businesses, with their tighter advertising budgets, have needed for years."

The Cincinnati-based firm offers tools to opening the door to understanding the return on investment for all advertising expenditures in which a business engages.

What they do, simply, is tag your ad with their tracking tools. Then they use that tag to measure how many people respond to it.

In doing so, they provide business owners with reports, showing what worked and what didn't. By tracking every response to a particular ad, businesses will be able to adjust their advertising and marketing efforts for maximum returns.

Whether the advertising is done online or off, it's something that business owners are finding is cost-effective, easy to set up, and a tool that changes the way businesses approach marketing.

"This system allows people to be a lot smarter about the way they spend their money," adds Schwartz. "In the end, building and staying in business comes down to making smart decisions when attempting to reach a target audience."

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