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New Web Tool Helps Unhappy Customers Broadcast Beefs

Getting the word out about a rude store manager or a product that didn’t live up to its advertised hype has just become easier with a new feature rolled out by an online consumer-complaints Web site. now allows users to click on a tool that enables them to quickly share information about stores, products or services that fall short of customer standards. The new feature helps consumers share information through social media and social-bookmarking services.

Joanna Simpson, a representative, says the new tool is simply an advanced way of information-sharing that was historically spread via word-of-mouth.

“We believe it should work the same way,” she says, of consumer complaints Web sites, “where information is accessible to even more people, including those specifically looking to conduct consumer research.”

The new feature gives visitors the capability to share their experiences with a larger audience, Simpson says.

A social-bookmarking aspect provides a list of options enabling users to e-mail links to their contacts, print them for later or help them spread virally online through various social-media sites.

Visitors can click on a social-media site they already use or connect with ones they aren't signed up for. The new feature is user-friendly in that visitors can share consumer complaints with an entire network without having to sign into a new social-networking site. is a consumer-advocacy group that publicizes reviews and complaints filed by consumers on the Internet. The site offers complementary tools to help consumers quickly resolve their disputes, including a consumer-complaint letter generator and collection of consumer tips and advice in the site’s consumer-advocacy section.

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