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Virtual Phone Service Caters to Small Businesses

A virtual phone service can serve a small business for as little as $10 a month, delivering capabilities often found only in large, expensive corporate phone systems - and with no equipment costs. That's the case with the my1voice virtual phone service.

Presenting a professional image is a critical requirement for start-ups and small companies looking to attract customers and expand their businesses. Yet when it comes to their phones, such organizations often find it difficult to obtain the features that create the right impression at an affordable price. The my1voice service resolves those issues.

“Everyone wants to feel they’re dealing with an established, stable, professional organization” says Steve Adams, vice president of marketing for Protus, the provider of my1voice. “My1voice makes it easy to present a professional face to callers without the hassle or expense of typical corporate phone systems. It really helps reinforce that callers are making the right choice.”

The my1voice virtual receptionist is one way to make a big impression. Regardless of who is in an office or whether the office is in the kitchen, the car or the coffee shop, all calls are answered in a timely manner and efficiently directed to the proper extension, mailbox or informational message.

Other features my1voice offers that help create a professional image include:

* A single phone number with extensions. Instead of each person giving out individual phone numbers (or multiple numbers), customers and prospects can be pointed to a single phone number that branches into extensions. Extensions can be assigned to employees or partners outside the main office as well as in - a capability that isn't available in traditional corporate phone systems.

* Toll-free or local phone numbers. Business owners can choose to receive a toll-free or local number for the main phone, depending on whether they want to project a “larger than life” or “hometown” image. Local numbers can be obtained with a choice of area codes rather than being restricted to the one in which the main office is located, allowing businesses to give the impression they are based in a prestigious area (such as Manhattan) even if they are actually in a suburban industrial park.

* Professional-sounding greeting. When customers or prospects call the main number, they first reach a recorded greeting that welcomes them, then directs them to dial an extension or select from the dial-by-name directory. This virtual receptionist gives callers the impression they’re calling a much larger organization. My1voice also offers the option to have professional voice talent record a customer-written greeting at no  charge.

* Dial-by-name directory. Having a directory simplifies finding the right person within the organization, further demonstrating a professional approach. The fact of having a directory also demonstrates the organization has more resources at its command.

* Call scheduling. Business owners can create official “office hours” by using the online interface to schedule one greeting during business hours, and a second for after hours. Individual employees can further manage their calls, such as having calls ring their phones during stated business hours and go directly to voicemail at other times.

* Conference calling. More than the typical three-way calls offered by phone carriers, this feature allows customers to bring in an unlimited number of people as needed, such as for running virtual meetings. While my1voice starts at $10 a month, additional plans are based on how many minutes a month the small business expects to use.

For more information about my1voice and the features it offers, visit and

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