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Americans Increasingly Turn to Internet in Search of Employment

Americans are increasingly turning to the Web instead of the newspaper to find employment. A study of more than 500 Americans, conducted by Sway Inc. and commissioned by VisualCV (, found that 50% of all respondents currently have an online resume, have a resume posted online or have a professional profile on a job or career Web site. While 68% said the reason they post an online resume or create a professional profile was to find a job, more than a third do so in order to network.

In addition to searching the Web for job information, career seekers also look for expert advice. For those individuals who connect with other professionals online, the top reasons are to learn skills or get educated on skills that would help them as professionals and to research other professionals' knowledge and experiences. Word-of-mouth referrals and career boards (position-search Web sites) are the most popular sources for learning about a job, but they certainly aren't the only ones. According to the study, Americans are most likely to leverage the following sources when seeking information on job opportunities:

Sources for Obtaining Information   Percent Americans Agreeing
General Job Board (Job-Search Web Site)58%
Friend or Colleague (i.e. Word-of-Mouth)    52%
Company Web Site   47%
Newspaper Classifieds/Print Ad   41%
Google/Internet Searches   35%
Craigslist    27%
Staffing Agency    22%
Career Fair    20%

With one in four stating he or she is currently looking for a job, Americans are in need of tools that will give them a competitive advantage and help them stand out from the competition. While the look of the resume is clearly important when selecting an online resume tool or establishing a professional profile, individuals also want a solution that is easy to update and whose privacy can be controlled:

Sought After Features of An Online Resume Tool or Business Profile Web Site   % of Americans Agreeing
The appearance of the resume on the screen   75%
The link to your resume is automatically updated when you make changes   73%
Control of the privacy of your online resume/business profile (i.e., share one-to-one via e-mail, make public to anybody, etc.)   70%
Being able to track views to resume (i.e. the number of views and where they came from   70%
Ability to stand out more than with a traditional resume   68%
Portability: the ability to access it/use it anywhere online   67%
Ability to search for jobs on the same site your online resume/profile is hosted   64%

"Individuals are becoming increasingly concerned with how they present themselves to potential employers and are looking for creative ways to show their skills in order to stand out," says Jeffrey Hunter, CEO of VisualCV Inc.

Sway conducted the online survey in mid-March 2009 using an online panel from MarketTools. The data have a tolerance of plus or minus 4.4%.


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