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Recruiting Firm's Services Come in Small, Medium and Large

Although a company may be in need of qualified employees, not all hiring managers have the time or expertise to draft a job description, review resumes or schedule interviews.

However, with the never-ending budget tightening many companies are experiencing, a majority of them likely can’t afford the high-level, and often expensive, service offered by recruiting firms.

Seattle-based NexTec Recruiting Services (NRS) has created a new Tiered Services program to help hiring companies save time and money. The tri-leveled program allows clients to decide the amount of assistance they need when searching for the best employees.

The Resume Magnet Program lets companies do most of the work themselves. NRS assists with creating a job description, posting the position on job boards and screening candidates through select databases.

The next level is the Qualified Candidates Program, which gives NRS the responsibility of reviewing resumes, narrowing down candidates based on your company’s salary and experience requirements, and scheduling final interviews.

The most hands-on level (or hands-off for the hiring company) is the Perfect Placement Program.  At this tier, NRS oversees the entire recruiting and hiring process. The client, however, still has the final say on who is hired.

“We believe this will be especially helpful to clients with reduced budgets, but who still need to grow and expand their business,” says General Manager Ben Schrenzel, “and we’re very pleased to be able to support our clients in this way, and in these times.”

With more than 40 years' experience, NexTec has provided recruiting services to help North American organizations hire senior-level consultants, salespeople, developers, end users and other IT and accounting professionals.

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