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Training a Sales Brain Is An Important Step To Adding Clients

Remember those tests taken in school to test verbal reasoning skills?

They were called Chimera analogies and went something like this: Moon is to night as sun is to _______.  Of course the answer is “day.”

Here is another: Preparing for the big game is to training the body as preparing for business is to training the __________.

Give up? The answer is brain.

Preparation for today’s workplace require people to train their brain for the grueling challenges of daily business interactions.

People already know that skilled athletes must do much more than hone their abilities for the skills of the game. They must also engage in strength, conditioning and flexibility exercises.

In these difficult economic times, it is more important than ever that sales people engage in exercises that prepare them for the daily challenges of business.

According to Rick Davis, president of Building Leaders, Inc. (, recent studies of the past two decades have demonstrated that the brain is remarkably adaptable. The term “neuroplasticity” refers to the brain’s ability to change. This is a key factor for happiness as a person gets older and a pressing issue in today’s challenging world economic downturns and business strife.

Here are some exercises Davis recommends to train a brain for business.

* Understand what causes anxiety. Negative events are not the things that make people feel anxious, but it is instead the reaction to these negative events. It’s not the economy; it’s a person's reaction to it. People can choose to remain calm in the face of a storm. Train their minds to see what they can do to adapt to circumstances in life rather than try to change the circumstances. 

* Keep positive words handy. People should discover what thoughts and words calm them … and then read those words regularly. For some people, it is contemplating the insignificance of a single person’s problems in a large universe. For many, it is faith in God. Some people find that poetry and philosophical words are the best. Unfortunately most people never stop to consider what positive thoughts will work for them. People should discover what words truly work and surround themselves with reading that provides those words. 

* Focus on the long-term. The turbulent economic straits of today were not created overnight and no short-term solution will be forthcoming. People will only cause themselves personal anxiety if they follow the compelling urge to create instant sales solutions to long-term ills.  Instead keep the mind focused on long-term goals and people will achieve better focus in the short-term.

* Do the right things. Do the daily tasks that will translate into long-term successes without worrying about the short-term results. Keep working hard. Results will come.

* Increase intentions to help other people. People need to release expectations about what is in it for themselves. Share love with family, friends and clients unconditionally and it will return in spades. If people focus on helping others, they will achieve all the success they have ever wanted.

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