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Online-Business Veteran's Articles Offer Launch Advice

Entrepreneurs hoping to launch successful online businesses can look to an industry leader who is providing the latest tips to newcomers - free of charge.

Brent Austin, recognized for his talent in creating home-based business opportunities, recently released the second installment in his 10-part series “How to Write Perfect Sales Copy.”  Based in Akron, Ohio, the online-business expert decided to write the articles to help novice business owners improve their Web sites, which can translate into profitable enterprises.

“I did the series on how to write compelling sales copy because it’s one thing that all online businesses have in common,” Austin says. “No matter what your business is about, your sales are based 95 [%] on the quality of your sales copy and 5 [%] on your product or service.”

As creator of the Automated Wealth System, Austin crafted the guide as a way to teach business owners the best techniques for writing persuasive copy. If potential customers log onto your site and aren’t moved by what they read, they’ll move on to a more interesting site.

Each article provides detailed information to business owners, outlining exact methods to help entrepreneurs grab visitors’ attention and turn them into customers. The recently released second issue, “Step 2: Making Your Readers Visualize the Problem,” shows business owners how to make customers feel as if they need to use your product or service in order to solve their problems.

“This is an important step in the sales process,” Austin says, “because it also shows your visitors that you can relate to them and can provide them with what they need.”

All of the free articles in the series are being made available for download in both text and video format. More installments are to follow in coming weeks.

Brent Austin is a veteran in the online-business world and creator of the Automated Wealth System. For more information, check out his blog at

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