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Entrepreneurs Divulge 500 Tips, Tricks, and Tactics You’ll Never Learn in Business School

There are more than 23 million small business owners in the United States.  All too many of them work long, harried hours – yet don’t earn the profits to prove it.  And all too many find it’s excruciatingly “lonely at the top.”

President’s Resource Organizations (PROs) have been springing up around the country over the past decade to act as a peer group for small business owners.  The groups typically consist of 12 members or less and are comprised of company presidents, owners, CEOs, COOs, and partners, from similar size and complexity businesses in non-competing industries.  These groups function like an advisory board and allow the leaders to meet monthly to share challenges, solve problems, and identify opportunities.  The typical PRO member is an entrepreneur who not only wants to grow his or her business, but is also willing to accept and give criticism freely.  Members come from a wide range of white and blue-collar industries, including manufacturing and distribution, service industries and professional services.

In his new book, The Best Secrets of Great Small Businesses, veteran facilitator Ray Silverstein gives the first look inside PROs, as he shares over 500 tips for small businesses.  Silverstein says, “the downfall of many small business owners is that they get so caught up in day-to-day activities, they forget their first role – as visionary.  PRO forces members to step back and take the long view.”

Silverstein believes that small business owners have a responsibility to their company and employees, as well as to their families and themselves, to be the best they can be and his aim for the book is to help owners get there.  Best Secrets is organized into short essays that can easily be digested a few at time and that are divided into the following categories:

· The business owner’s role/management strategies
· Sales and Sales Management, including when to fire a customer
· Marketing – including tips to drive traffic to your website
· Performance and Organization
· Human Assets – including tips for dealing with "problem" employees and getting the most out of your people
· Innovation and Implementation
· Finance: Money – Find It, Get It, Keep It
· Succession and Transition

The book also includes a series of diagnostic tests that are designed to give a quick snapshot of a company’s strengths and weaknesses in various areas.

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