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Glass Work Artist, Owner Offers Tips On Building, Promoting Smaller, Niche Shop

While glass work is an art and has unique promotional opportunities, there is much to learn from successful practioners, recognized as one of the fastest growing craft areas.

One such success group is led by Anthony Corratdetti.

He argues that owners must  have a good sense of business strategies in order to be successful and continue to bring in new clients.

Corradetti is the owner of Corradetti Glass Studio in Baltimore, Maryland.

He offered these examples of what he has done to stay competitive:

  • His work has been featured in many publications, especially since his studio move 2 years ago, which placed the company in a great location for people to visit.
  • They have designed & created various lighting projects seen in restaurants & locations around Baltimore. Projects get noticed by potential consumers and bring people to see what they can get done for their homes/businesses.
  • Large scale sculptural projects designed & created by Anthony have been commissioned and placed around the local area. Two are installed in the complex the company is located in, which brings people into the studio.
  • The company blows glass everyday and are open for people to come in and watch the items being created.  This leads to sales from the gallery after people watch the creative process and want to take a piece home with them. 
  • They teach workshops: intensive glassblowing instruction as well as the ability to walk-in and make a quick piece. They also partner with the Maryland  Institute of Art and run credited and non-credited courses.

Corradetti feels the role of a glass artist in today's world is "to be an artist that's accessible to my immediate community.

"When you walk in my studio, the first thing you see is the manufacturing side of the work, he says.

"My furnaces and equipment are visible from the outside of the studio and you can also watch me making glass everyday. Upon entering the studio, you see a beautiful gallery filled with everything created onsite, he adds.

Coradetti goes on to say,"My studio is not a tourist attraction. It's a real functioning studio where modern day objects are made in old world tradition. If I had my way, I would want people to feel as though they've stepped back in time to a place where a craftsman was an integral part of the community (something greatly lacking in our modern society.)"

"It's important to me that people see  my work as part if their life, not just another anonymously created imported object purchased at a second rate department store. Part of the value of my work comes from the unique experience created in my studio that the customer takes home with them," he adds.

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