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The Role of Executive Coaching in Today’s Business Environment

In today's business environment the forces of globalization, technology and virtual teamwork require additional competencies of leaders. Previously, leadership was focused on unilateral management and dictatorial authority. Today, business leaders are focused on team success, persuasion and influence with an emphasis on coaching over managing.

A.J. O’Connor Associates released a white paper that focuses on the benefits of coaching executives to obtain a competitive advantage in today’s business environment. "Coaching—Not Only for Athletes: Leveraging Talent for Competitive Advantage" covers key topics in coaching, including coaching models, coaching selection and coaching metrics.

"Coaching impacts a company’s performance by strengthening the business’ most fundamental competitive advantage – its executive talent," said Andrew J. O'Connor III, president of A.J. O'Connor Associates. "As the business environment continues to evolve, A.J. O’Connor continues to evolve its practices to meet the unique needs of our customers."

Executive coaching, once reserved for leaders in top echelons, is now provided to middle managers, team leaders, change agents, human resources professionals and others who are intimately involved in large-scale organizational change management. As a result, coaching is playing a key role in many organization's talent management programs and is closing the gap between current skill sets and the skills and competencies that will be needed, as work environments continue to grow in complexity.

The white paper also includes two case studies that illustrate how A.J. O'Connor Associates has coached executives to positively impact the executive’s career path and their respective organizations.

The complimentary white paper can be downloaded at

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