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Scalable Electronic Commerce Supply Chain Solution Improves Efficiency, Increases Profits

Today, timing is essential and inventory management makes all of the difference in a company’s success.  Therefore, third party logistics (3PL) providers work with major retailers to support that make the complex process of delivering goods through the entire distribution process as efficient and cost-effective as possible.   
Westcoast Warehousing is a fast-growing, Southern California-based 3PL that partners with some of the largest and best-known retailers in the U.S., including JCPenney, Sears and Kohl’s.  Westcoast Warehousing recently found itself facing the challenge of upgrading its systems and increasing its competitive edge in order to continue the company’s impressive pattern of growth.  
Key services offered by Westcoast Warehousing include “pick-and-pack” and direct-to-store (DTS) replenishment, options that allow retailers to ship product in bulk directly to Westcoast Warehousing, which maintains a six- to eight-week supply of inventory on the retailer’s behalf.
Westcoast Warehousing needed to implement an electronic commerce supply chain platform that would allow retailers and customers to communicate directly with Westcoast Warehousing servers.  Jay Patel, founder and president of Westcoast Warehousing, knew that implementing a world-class solution would require specialized expertise. 
After reviewing qualified candidates, he selected Irvine, Calif.-based Avatar Partners to help guide his company through this new phase of growth.  Avatar Partners is a leader in supply chain visibility and electronic commerce solutions, with a well-deserved reputation for comprehensive, forward-thinking solutions and a cost-effective approach.   
Westcoast Warehousing needed a scalable electronic commerce supply chain solution that would be both affordable and flexible enough to allow migration to future technologies such as AS2 and XML as the company continues to grow.

Avatar Partners conducted a needs analysis for the electronic commerce system, including mapping, trading partner testing and implementation requirements.  The process allowed Avatar Partners to use its formidable in-house resources including logistics, transportation and warehousing expertise.  
Avatar Partners considered the extensive needs of a logistics company that must support the demands of the retail supply chain.  After reviewing all solutions in the B2B market segment, Avatar Partners identified the solution that would match Westcoast Warehousing’s needs and elevate its competitive positioning in the marketplace. In record timing, Avatar Partners then helped the company implement and go live on this newly selected EDI platform in less than two months. Following this period of analysis and recommendations, Avatar Partners moved into the implementation phase of the project with the selected vendor, Inovis, Inc.
An example of using technology to directly increase profits, Westcoast Warehousing is now able to offer expanded DTS services – a solution that is highly convenient and cost-effective for its customers, and profitable for the company.  As a result, Westcoast Warehousing is attracting business from the nation’s top retailers and offers services and value that are superior to other 3PL providers. 

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