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It's Not Whom You Know but Who Knows You

Navigating the business world is no longer just about whom you know. What’s more important these days is who knows you.

So says Bennett Resnik, a college student and CEO who has created a lecture series on social networking. “The Hands We Shake: Building a Network for the New Marketplace” is delivered in a format, says the creator, which holds the attention of the audience - other college students.

“I am very positive and have confidence in my fellow peers that they will observe my lecture and utilize the tools they take away from it to further advance their networking skills,” Resnik says.

Six institutions - Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, Boston College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and American University – are hosting Resnik’s lecture this fall. In addition, Resnik will present the lecture twice at James Madison University, where he is currently enrolled as a junior.

The one-hour lecture includes a question-and-answer period and is designed to help college students become more adept at networking, a social skill that will aid them in securing employment after graduation, he says.

Resnik says it’s “very easy” to name-drop on an application or imply that you know someone; it is, “however, more important that your reference knows you well enough.”

As chief executive officer of Inter-Collegiate Consulting Network, Resnik helps college- and university-based consulting groups expand their networks, exchange ideas on consulting projects and cultivate the necessary skills to enhance their careers.

In creating the online company, Resnik says he utilized online networks and his own contacts.

“Most of the contractors and advisers I employed I had never met; this is the new way of business,” he says.

After starting the company, Resnik began focusing on empowering students through networking tools.
Using his experience culled from several internships and drawing from his business model, Resnik decided that his peers could benefit from a more contemporary approach to networking.

Resnik says most of the universities he asked to host his lecture booked the event.  Because he’ll still be enrolled as a full-time student, Resnik will travel on weekends and present when he doesn't have classes.

“My selection was based on location to me, as well as the business-school programs,” he explains. “It was nice to select organizations that would most likely benefit from listening to my presentation.”

For more information about the lecture series or consulting network, Resnik can be reached at

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