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Create More Sales While Spending Less on Direct Mail

During this time as businesses try to save money by utilizing creative thinking, one such strategy they can consider is "saturation mailing". 

The process works by "saturating" a direct mail message within a localized area (i.e. a radius from your business, a ZIP Code™, city or county) by reaching the majority of households and/or businesses in a postal carrier route. 

This approach is an effective way for local businesses to promote grand openings and special events, establish their brand, and increase walk-in traffic. 

And, because saturation mailings are easier for the Post Office™ to process, they pass the savings onto the mailer - saving 20-25-percent off the cost of Standard Mail® or about $.05 per mail piece delivered.

"An economic downturn like we are experiencing now actually provides an opportunity for businesses to build greater market share by taking advantage of new buying concerns, projecting a stable image, and dominating the field when the competition is silent," said John Hull, vice president of List Sales for Melissa Data

"And a saturation mailing is the perfect vehicle for local businesses - it's a very cost-effective way to market to your best customers - your neighbors," he adds.

The key requirement to qualify for a saturation mail discount is that the mailing must be sorted in "Walk Sequence" order - the actual sequence the postal carrier will deliver the mail while walking his/her route.  Sorting the mailing in "walk sequence" order saves the Post Office™ time and effort spent sorting, coding and processing that mail.

"Many people assume a saturation mailing is complicated because of the Walk Sequence requirement and decide just to mail at the much higher First-Class™ or Standard rates," Hull remarked.

"But it's really very easy to do a saturation mailing. Many list providers offer these mailing lists, called Saturation or Occupant lists, presorted in Walk Sequence order.  When a customer buys one of these lists they don't have to worry about a thing," he opines.

To discover the secrets of using saturation mail to grow a business and drive more sales, download Melissa Data's free white paper at

Another mailing option that companies can consider are multi-sourced lists.  The Multi-Sourced list is a compilation of mail order transactional data (similar to the likes of the existing Co-Op Databases) has the following advantages:

* It is available to all mailers large and small with no membership required. 
* There is no requirement to expose one's own house-file to other users.
* No need to compromise on the qualities of the traditional response lists. The multi-Sourced list is made up of transactional response data which in most cases include RFM (recencey, frequency, monetary) information as well. 
* It has considerable quantities across all categories.
* The individual participating sources are deduped one from another, so there is no need for tedious net arrangement negotiation with each source individually.
* Multibuyers across all sources are available for a boosted response. Most Multisourced lists are either gathered and owned by some of the larger compilers in the industry or overlaid by them.  Either way, mailers enjoy unlimited possibilities of demographic and psychographic enhancements and selects available to them. This brings me to the three major benefits of these lists:
* No guessing as to what list bares the same characteristics as the target market. Select buyers within your mailer's category and use the available enhancements to create a customized list that fit the company's target market.
* This is not a dead-end list. Need better performance? Just tighten the target market using more and better selects.
* The abundance of information that these lists have and the size of the lists allows the mailer to apply a statistical model and reach a broad market of like names to their existing buyers.

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