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Slowing Desktop Computer Speeds Identified As Growing Challenge To Smaller Businesses

Over the past few years, as the number of programs and add-ons installed on company and personal computers have grown, their speed and usefulness diminished.

In a recent survey conducted by this newsletter’s parent, slowing machine response time was cited as a growing problem.

According to Information Strategies, Inc.’s (ISI) most recent polling of business leaders, 31% said their firm’s machine response times were slowing.

Almost half of these respondents (14%) said they were charging their IT manages or suppliers to find a solution.

One problem is the slowing of company computers as fragmentation builds up.

As small businesses have become more and more dependent on computer-based programs, their utilization needs to be optimized.

Slowing computer times directly affect small businesses as it slows their ability to deliver their products and services.
In the survey, company leaders said they were requiring more efficient and faster fragmentation reduction offerings.

To meet this need, Diskeeper Corporation has launched new Diskeeper® 2009—one of the fastest and most thorough defrag engines ever built. With Enterprise features included in all workstation editions Diskeeper provides maximum performance at the desktop level reducing overall energy consumption and providing optimum computing.

For anyone responsible for a Windows® PC or network computer, Diskeeper 2009 is a useful utility right alongside security solutions for overall system health and performance. While viruses and spyware are threats that might occur and should be protected against, fragmentation continually occurs and must be eliminated.

The company says it recognizes the exponential increase in storage capacity of desktop systems and the vital need to keep these systems running at top speed, Diskeeper has equipped Diskeeper Pro Premier with the Terabyte Volume Engine™ technology.

This advanced engine has the defrag horsepower necessary to rapidly eliminate tens of thousands to millions of fragments on drives from 60GB on up.

To accommodate fast-paced work environments and ever increasing demands, Diskeeper Professional includes the exclusive I-FAAST® 2.0 (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology).

This technology alone squeezes 10% – 80% more performance out of the drive for the most commonly accessed files. This is on top of the notable gains found from standard defragmentation.

Free Space Defrag Engines which allow defragmentation to occur on volumes with as little as 1% free space reducing cost on hardware upgrades and boosting the speed of both save and write times are included as a must have in every edition of Diskeeper.

InvisiTasking® technology, created by Diskeeper, which is the driving technology behind Diskeeper’s real-time hands free operations, has been re-engineered to consolidate files even faster on busy systems.

InvisiTasking sets Diskeeper apart from all utilities, as it’s is the only technology available that prevents a background process from ever interfering with application and operating system use of computer resources.

Instead of letting the operating system scheduler allocate the entire computer system to each process, InvisiTasking empowers the system to allocate its various resources (CPU, memory, disk, and network) separately to the process that needs each one.

This allows overlapping use of separate resources—not just reducing system overhead, but eliminating it altogether. This means continual optimum performance and efficiency.

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