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But Wait! That 'Make Money From Home' Scheme May NOT Be a Scam.

The problem with finding ways to earn money while working from home is that they all seem to claim to have the perfect opportunity – one that requires minimal effort but offers handsome rewards.

It’s difficult for many would-be entrepreneurs to recognize a legitimate site offering work-at-home or home-based business opportunities, because the potential proprietors have already been overwhelmed with Internet scams.

“Many have been taken advantage of and are used to seeing scam sites, so they will automatically assume that anything with the message of ‘making money from home’ is a scam,” explains Jennifer Kirk, co-founder of a new search site.

“This false assumption has really hurt the legitimate offers that are out there.”

Because of that, the creators of – a work-from-home/home-based business site founded in July – are diligent in removing from the site all language that may appear “scammy,” along with offers that falsely claim to be money-makers, Kirk says.

To increase the Web site’s worth in the eyes of the user, also requires that each of its listed companies be a “researchable organization.” By law, legitimate home-based franchises are required to have a franchise offering circular, which outlines the details of the opportunity, she says.

Kirk says that many Web sites claim to give users a side-by-side comparison of several different opportunities, but are instead steering the user to one specific opportunity - their own. Others require users to input personal information, such as first and last name, phone number and e-mail address, so that site can sell the information to another company. acts as a third party to users, Kirk says, which means that the person navigating the site decides when, and if, he or she wants to be contacted by a listed company.

“Most importantly, we offer a ‘Private Messaging’ feature that enables someone looking for a home-based opportunity to ask for more information from a company offering an opportunity without having to give out personal contact information,” she says. “This sets us apart.”

The other founders, Joe Mickelson and Aaron Kirk, along with Jennifer Kirk, began looking for ways to earn extra money when the economy began declining. As former owners of their own home-based marketing company, Jennifer Kirk says, they knew that genuine ways existed for people to generate income.

The challenge was to create a method for people to access that information.

“We saw there was no online resource to fulfill the niche of legitimate home-based business, and therefore they were indefinable amid all the scams,” she says. “With our marketing background, we understood the power of social-networking sites, the popularity of job-search sites and the value of lead generation, and created a hybrid site that combines elements of all three.”

Launched Nov. 1, the founders say is an example of a new generation of hybrid Web sites. The home-based opportunities can be browsed by the public free of charge. Users can access and compare company profiles or save them to review later.

The site has advertising and profiles available to home-based franchises, affiliate marketing sites, home-office jobs and network-marketing companies.

Despite the service offered by, searchers can still get caught up in scams; Jennifer Kirk advises prospects to thoroughly research any opportunity they are considering.

“And do not buy into any claims of quick profits. We advise that people only get involved in businesses that offer a legitimate product or service,” she says. “As with any business, profitability comes with hard work and an investment of time and money.”

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