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New Service Offers Inexpensive, Ready-to-Use Ads From Online Menu

What if a small business could go to a Web site, find a finished TV, radio or print ad for its business, order it up and get it customized with its logo and other information at a fraction of the price the business would typically pay an ad agency?

That’s the premise behind the Ad Diner, whose slogan is “hot advertising from a menu.”

The Ad Diner is a new online business that provides small businesses with ready-to-use ads that are customized with their business’ logo and information. The idea is simple – an ad that ran successfully for a small business in one market would probably work just as well for a similar business in a different market.

The Ad Diner’s Web site includes print ads, television commercials, radio spots, billboards, direct mail and complete advertising campaigns.

The ads come from multiple sources, including award-winning advertising agencies, production companies and creative free-lancers from across the U.S. and Canada. These creative contributors are paid a royalty each time their ads are sold.

How It Works

On the Ad Diner Web site is a “menu” section (keeping with the diner theme) where a small business can view ads in its industry. Once the business chooses an ad it likes, a simple phone call (or e-mail) allows the Ad Diner to work one-on-one with the client, customizing the ad content to fit the client's individual needs. The final files are sent out within one to two business days. The business gets exclusive use of the ads in its market for one year.

An extensive FAQ section on the Web site answers most questions for both the small-business owner and the creative contributor.

Although the Ad Diner’s primary target market is "small businesses," there is no size limitation. Some larger entities, such as hospitals, banks and nonprofit and government organizations, are good candidates for the Ad Diner’s products, as long as they advertise on a local level, as opposed to national advertising campaigns.

Randy Gunter, president of the new venture, has more than 20 years of advertising-agency experience, doing work for both Fortune 500 companies and small, "mom and pop" businesses. "It's important to us to be able to offer highly creative work," he says. "Our goal with the Ad Diner is to offer small businesses the creative advertising that previously only the larger companies could afford."

"At the same time, we're able to provide a new profit center for creative businesses. Where previously they would have only been paid once for their idea, with the Ad Diner, they have the opportunity for renewed profits from the same creative efforts."

Holiday ad campaigns are available.

With the holiday season here, the Ad Diner has Christmas-themed ads (TV and radio) available that will work for practically any business.

Holiday/Christmas ads can be viewed at: 

For more information about the service, visit


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