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Business Referral Marketplace to Offer Profitable Online Networking

Salesconx ( is a business referral marketplace that is offering profitable online networking to its users, through Salesconx.  More than 1,000 active users have already signed up for the free service and 400 business transactions have been completed.  The beta launch is accessible via webcast at the company's website

Salesconx offers "the benefits of social networking," combined with "monetization opportunities" for the user.  Salesconx allows businesses, marketers and sales pros to buy viable sales leads through facilitated introductions and monetize their own established contacts by making trusted referrals to decision makers in non-competing industries.

Salesconx CEO Evan Sohn attributes Salesconx early stage growth to helping sellers get their foot in the door with otherwise inaccessible decision makers, leveraging and monetize their human capital.     He added, "Professional salespeople know that business is built and grown based on trusted relationships.   Beyond CRM software tools, Salesconx is the first online resource designed for the entire sales value chain -- the rep, the customer and colleagues.   Salesconx make sales, marketing and small business professionals more competitive by leveraging the human capital or trusted relationships that its experienced members have with decision makers in numerous industries."

According to U.S. Census bureau, more than 26 million small businesses and 14 million sales professionals in the U.S.-2.5 million of them independent reps-face the daily grind of generating quality leads in a hyper-competitive environment. Time is of the essence and trust is at a premium.  Keith Rosen, Author of the best-selling 'Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions', commented:  "One wish every salesperson shares is to be formally introduced to the person who makes that influential purchasing decision rather than spend hours researching and prospecting. Salesconx makes that wish come true by qualifying each member, monetizing each person's social capital and leveraging every relationship."

Joshua Pivovitsch, Partner at New Day Interactive, a full service design, development, and marketing firm, is using Salesconx to drive business. According to Josh, "Previously, we relied on our limited network of contacts to grow our business. Since we've joined, there's a broad, quality pool of salespeople and suppliers giving us greater exposure to grow our company."

How Salesconx works:

A regional territory manager with three years or more experience is looking to expand his client base.  His numerous cold calls have not been successful.  He joins Salesconx ( for free, lists the sales leads he need and offers $100 for introductions to the target customer base.  Or, he can offer others referrals to established contacts.  "Warm introductions" provide a facilitated email introduction between the contact provider, the lead-seeker and the contact.   

Salesconx members must have at least three years sales or business experience and are interviewed by the firm's inside sales team, making members confident in the value of their introductions.  For more information, visit

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