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Human-Resources Pros Are Planning for Postrecession Hiring

Fully half of the nation's human-resources departments are actively preparing for the return of hiring after the current recession, a survey of more than 8,000 companies and HR professionals indicates.

Six out of 10 of those surveyed said the talent most in demand on the other side of the economic crisis will be in information technology.

TalentDrive, the creator of the SaaS sourcing technology TalentFilterSM, released the results from the recent “What Steps Are You Taking to Leverage this Recession” survey.

When asked what positions HR will be struggling the hardest to fill, 60% named IT jobs, followed by sales and operations,both at 30%.

Asked if they were confident that their HR departments would be ready to handle a future influx of hiring needs,50%  of the respondents said “yes,” while the other 50% said “maybe.”

All of those surveyed said they planned to spend the largest portion of their budgets, once the recession turns. on implementing new marketing tactics to help recruit new talent.  Fifty percent said they would be investing directly in rehiring full-time employees.

The survey was conducted between April 23 and June 23.

Sean Bisceglia, CEO of TalentDrive, says he was pleased to see 50% of HR professionals "proactively planning for the return of hiring."  Granted that "no one can predict without a doubt" when that will occur, "I feel strongly that HR departments need to make use of this recession by pipelining candidates and planning budget allocation according to business initiatives beforehand."

"With 100% of those surveyed investing in new marketing tactics...increased B2B spending [is] on the horizon," he says.  That is good news for TalentDrive and its clients, because, he says, the company offers "a technology that provides a creative new solution to proactively target candidates via online-recruitment marketing.”

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