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Bringing Personalized URLs To Direct Mail

By combining direct mail and customized marketing techniques even small firm marketers can reach a new level of customization and data mining.

Kodak has launched a new arrangement between their company and EasyPurl. This new arrangement is an integration that will enable users of Kodak Darwin VI Authoring Tool for the creation of variable data communications to add personalized URLs to their direct mail campaigns using EasyPurl. Personalized URLs allow prospects to respond to direct mail by visiting a web page created expressly for each individual respondent.

Kodak Darwin VI Authoring Tool converts documents originated in QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign into variable data documents in which all elements – text, graphics, colors, layout, charts, backgrounds, personalized images and even entire pages – can be dynamic. Darwin VI authoring software can create complex campaigns with many changes in variable elements without the need for scripting or programming, working with very large databases of recipients. 


“With EasyPurl, Darwin VI Authoring Tool users will be able to add URLs for personalized landing pages to direct mail pieces, providing an immediate response mechanism for recipients. 


Adding this web function drives better conversion of prospects, increased response, profiling and more effective tracking of campaign results,” noted Gershon Alon, Director, On-Demand Applications, Kodak’s Print On Demand Solutions.


“The cross-media capabilities enabled via EasyPurl means commercial printers can now offer their customers the opportunity to increase responses to their mailings while shortening response time, using the web to offer prospects the ability to visit a personalized website.”

The EasyPurl solution works with the Windows version of Darwin software (v.2.0). To test the latest version of the Darwin VI authoring tool, visit

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