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Paperless Faxing Can Save More Than Paper

Companies can take a step toward a greener future with a range of paperless fax services, e-mail faxing provider Max Email says.

Paperless faxing proves less taxing on the environment, and dispensing with the traditional fax machine allows companies to save money on ink cartridges, phone lines, maintenance and, of course, paper.

Max Email’s paperless services, for example, are threefold:

• Companies can receive faxes through their Internet service as e-mail attachments in PDF or TIF formats. Receivers don’t need a fax machine or a separate phone line for this method. This method allows users to view their faxes in digital format from anywhere they typically access their e-mail. It also eliminates the chance of someone's reading a private fax.

• Users can send faxes from their own accounts or online through Max Email’s Web site. Users no longer have to print out their document and then feed it into a fax machine. This method also eliminates the extra fees charged for sending faxes to international numbers.

• A fax-broadcast system allows companies to send faxes to hundreds, or thousands, of their business associates in a simple process. The fax-broadcast Web interface gives users the means to upload and store their recipient lists and save their documents in one central location. Once a list and fax document have been uploaded, users can send that fax document to every recipient on their list with a single command.

Max Email, recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in America, claims a place as  among industry leaders in e-mail faxing and global-communication concepts and innovation. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at

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