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Online Marketplace For Lead Generation, Sales

An interesting new approach for obtaining sales leads has been launched out of beta testing is now available to all users.

An exchange where sales leads can be bought and sold has been launched by, an online business referral marketplace.

The exchange type offering allows sales professionals, marketers and small business owners to buy and sell sales leads through facilitated introductions to decision makers.

In beta testing for almost a year, has launched a re-designed version of the site, which offers experienced sellers and Salesconx users the benefits of business networking with additional monetization and networking opportunities.

The new version features:

* Appointment Setting - By leveraging its wide network of selling professionals, Salesconx has launched an appointment setting service, allowing marketers, sales professionals and small business owners to schedule appointments with targeted decision makers.

* Deal Sheets - Salesconx provides both sellers of business referrals and buyers of appointments with business referrals and introductions alerts (daily or weekly) to hot opportunities to monetize their own established contacts by making trusted referrals. .

* The Sales Associate Program - The Salesconx Sales Associate Program offers more experienced sellers lead generation tools that include advanced alerts, dedicated support, and monthly forums on specialty content.

* Success Fees - A pay-for-performance "deal generation" model that provides incentives to selling professionals for consummated transactions.

* New Site Design & Features - In addition to rolling out a variety of new programs, the redesigned Salesconx offers members cleaner navigation and otjer features. 

Among these features are Ajax-enabled preview functionality, the ability for users to ask questions about a specific listing and a streamlined user homepage offering the most up to date information about their connections and transactions.

"When you're purchasing a connection on Salesconx, you're not purchasing a warm lead, or a hot lead, but you're buying a real opportunity, which is worth its weight in gold," said Nathaniel Silverman, a sales professional with over 20 years of selling experience in the tri-state area who has earned over $1,700 on Salesconx. 

"While I am making money for myself, I'm building my network and repertoire, which is important as a business consultant and most importantly, I'm making my clients happy by introducing them to people that they want to work with."

"We're pleased that the Salesconx marketplace has helped businesses to get their foot in the door and increase revenues with otherwise inaccessible decision makers" said Evan Sohn, CEO of Salesconx.  

"We gained a lot of experience from users during the beta stage and have driven the functionality of our production release based on the feedback from our users.  Appointment setting is one example of a feature driven directly from our buyers."

Salesconx does not charge its users membership or listing fees and mediates all transactions to insure user satisfaction.

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