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Online Foreclosure Database Offers Opportunities For Smaller Firms

Many small business owners have indicated they are considering jumping into the foreclosure market.

While a risky venture for the novice, foreclosures do offer an opportunity for individuals or firms with extra cash.

One way of keeping tabs on the local market is to look at the growing foreclosure situation in the immediate area.

With foreclosures at an all-time high, Melissa Data (, a provider of targeted leads and mailing lists, today announced the availability of a online Foreclosure List that provides investors with quick and easy access to premiere property data on homes listed below value.

Users can select records from criteria including City, ZIP Code, County, State, Recorded Date, Stage of Foreclosure, then purchase and download a list immediately 24/7.

Updated weekly with approximately 35,000 new records from over 1,000 counties, the Foreclosure List identifies properties in all stages of foreclosure (both pre and active foreclosure, and real estate owned to scheduled for auction); and delivers the loan and property details necessary to make critical home buying decisions. 

The Foreclosure Lists is available as a single purchase or weekly subscription. 

“With the upset in the subprime industry and the financial strain of rising adjustable rate mortgages, foreclosures have reached record levels,” said John Hull, Melissa Data vice president of list sales. “As unfortunate as the situation is, it’s an opportunity for savvy investors looking to grow their property portfolios.  By using the Foreclosure List, investors can get up-to-date information on foreclosures anywhere across the country, or in a specific area.”

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