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Transpromotion -- New Marketing Concept Gaining Acceptance

Marketing professionals are honing on a new concept – transpromotion.

Transpromotional solutions combine transactional and promotional content in order to leverage predictable and long-term customer communications.

Put more simply, companies are placing marketing and other promotional materials on their invoices, statements, confirmations and other routine transactional documents.

Transactions are the normal print and online “touch points” a company has with its clients and customers.

Promotions are the efforts these companies exert to expand sales with current customers and attract new customers.

Most common examples of this approach are transpromo documents that place marketing messages (the more personalized the better) on transactional statements. 

This approach makes it more likely a customer will see the promotions because roughly 95% of people open and look at their bills and statements.

Forrester Research analyst Craig Le Clair defines transpromotional solutions as a growing segment that combines transactional and promotional content in order to leverage predictable and long-term customer communications.

Some experts believe companies are adopting transpromo solutions as a way to make static documents relevant, dynamic and in some instances to turn costly materials (i.e. bills, statements, etc.) into a revenue generating mechanism.

Some organizations have even begun to “sell” whitespace to complimentary vendors or business partners (i.e. an insurance company selling space on a customer’s car insurance statement to a third party vendor such as On-Star or Lojack or a health insurance provider selling space to a local health club).

Driven by the opportunity to provide better up-sell and cross-sell initiatives, streamline operations, reduce errors and assure compliance, organizations are adopting transpromo solutions.

In fact, according to some experts, transpromo solutions are one of the few applications that are expected to be immune from the economic downturn and technology cutbacks that analysts are predicting for 2008.  There are other benefits to transpromotions.

Leveraging correspondence management, company’s can simultaneously cut the time-to-market for new and revised customer communications, simplify the workflow process, and reduce the involvement of the IT staff, according to Dennis Ladd is CEO of StreamServe.

His company provides the tools to allow clients to become effective transpromotion users.

With more personalized, dynamic communications, enterprises can ensure that their document contributions -- from customer letters and statements to notices and claims forms - are accurate and current.

Because content revisions take effect immediately, organizations can enhance customer communications while improving business processes which result in speeding time-to-market and reducing the risk of outdated or incorrect content.

Ladd says his clients are able to improve customer service, upsell new products and services and streamline the communication process with their clients.

To learn more about his company go to:

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