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MyFax Offers Free and Easy Service

MyFax has announced a free no-fuss service for businesses and individuals needing to send a fax only occasionally. MyFax Free allows users to transmit two faxes a day of as many as 10 pages without going through the bother of setting up an account or providing a credit-card number.

“In these difficult economic times, every penny counts,” said Joseph Nour, CEO of Protus, provider of MyFax and MyFax Free. “Yet whether you’re starting a business or ensuring your company is running efficiently, you don’t want to give up value. We are committed to offering an option that delivers full quality while easing the cost burden for our users.”

With an Internet connection, users can:

* Send up to two faxes a day
* Fax two 10-page documents plus cover sheet
* Transmit a fax free to 41 countries around the world
* Use the most popular image and document file types, including Microsoft Word, PDF and 175 other file formats
* Use the service without setting up an account
* Avoid using a credit card, as there is no cost outlay or monthly service fee

MyFax Free allows users to send faxes electronically via a Web browser. This method helps cut office expenses by reducing paper use and eliminating the need for a fax machine, toner and dedicated fax line. It also helps organizations reduce energy consumption. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lists fax machines at the top of office equipment considered “energy vampires” -- equipment that whether it is in use or not continually consumes power.

For more information about MyFax Free visit

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