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Most Employees Work Against Employers' Best Interest, Survey Shows

A massive nationwide survey shows that about 75% of employees aren't actively engaged in their careers.

That sounds an alarm for senior management at all organizations because such disengagement puts business objectives, company morale and strategic direction at risk.

The research is based on data from HR Solutions' National Normative Database, which comprises nearly 3.5 million respondents from more than 2,400 organizations.

"During the past 20 years, I have worked with a variety of businesses," says HR Solutions CEO Kevin
Sheridan, "and I have found that it is vital to empower employees in order to firmly bind them to a company and its goals.  Otherwise, they are essentially working against the best interest of the organization."

"Businesses must encourage their work force to become actively involved with the company and their careers in order to move forward in tandem," Sheridan says. "This mission starts with the personal engagement of each and every employee."

Sheridan offers the following tips for businesses looking to bolster employee engagement:

• Equip employees with tools they need to improve engagement and stay engaged.  Provide them with ways to measure their own engagement and to develop a personal plan for improvement.

Match employee goals to company business objectives. Whether the company incorporates a primer on its strategy into new-hire training or initiates a quarterly program that reviews the performance and goals of staff, aligning the objectives of both employee and employer will ensure that team members from all levels of the company are committed to the overall vision of the organization. In addition, these actions will build loyalty and create a sense of partnership between staff and management, leading to improved business outcomes and increased retention.

• Have management lead by example. Managers should coach employees by demonstrating behaviors and characteristics of an actively engaged employee. After employees individually assess their own engagement,
management should encourage their development by setting up a meeting to discuss goals and create action plans for future improvement.

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