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Companies Save Money, Increase Sales With New Broadcast Technology To Clients, Sales Force, Others

While there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings, companies are increasingly faced with the need to maximize their resources.

One solution already being used is radio webcasts.

While webcasts with slides are common, the audience is only hearing a voice over and static viewing slides.

Communications experts argue that putting company leaders in front of audiences in a live television format is a better, more effective method of delivering key information.

The ideal answer they say is a televised event with an interactive component.

One problem has been the cost of televised webcasts that permit interactivity between presenters and audience.

Another is the special equipment often needed to permit audiences to see and participate.

A new technology pioneered by Ribbon Private Broadcasting solves almost all of the problems --- cost, convenience, technical challenges.

Essentially, a company can broadcast to its clients, sales staff, representatives or other audiences from either Ribbon’s facilities in Atlanta, an in-house conference center or nearby conferencing facility.

Audience members need only a PC computer hooked to the Internet, even if it is just a dial-up connection.  No other equipment is necessary.

Should any audience member miss the live broadcast, it remains available for a month or longer on the Internet with the same simple equipment needs on their end.  Audience members who participated in the event can review the broadcast as well.

During the broadcast, audience members can ask questions via an interactive component.

Companies have used Ribbon’s offering to do four-continent programs as well as to reach domestic audiences.
Ribbon’s technology allows clients to integrate slides with live views of speakers and the quality is not compromised by downloading speed restrictions.

The cost is under $3,000 for a 30-minute program and slightly more for an hour-long program.  Compare that to the cost of one trip to one client or bringing staff into headquarters for even a day.

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