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Infomercial King Gives Tips On Selling Products On TV

Many business leaders have wondered if they can use television “infomercials” as a way of jump starting their products.

One of the leading proponents of marketing through infomercials is A.J. Khubani.

He has some suggestions as to how to go about using infomercials as an effective marketing tool.

Argues Khubani, “Each year thousands of people start businesses, only to have many go out of business within the first one to three years. Nobody knows the exact recipe for a successful business or product, but learning from those that have succeeded in business is a step in the right direction.”

“Having an eye for interesting products and then knowing what to do with them can lead to business success, according Khubani.

In a recent interview, Khubani said that the first thing prospective entrepreneurs need to do is become a detective of sorts and go on a mission of detecting problems that face consumers. These problems may be something they are encountering in their own lives, or in the lives of others around them.

According to Khubani, offering consumers a product that solves a problem is the key to having success in business. This goes for whether people develop their own product, or find one they can license.

He has helped solved such problems as helping shorter or older dogs get up on furniture by offering Doggy Steps™; offering a solution for bulky kitchen equipment with the Flat Fold Colander™; or making clean-up a breeze with the Go Duster. One of their biggest selling products is the Stick up Bulb™, a portable light bulb and the Hollywood Purse Hook™ which is great for keeping your purse or bag off the floor of theatres, restaurants or anywhere you want to keep you purse clean. 

Another clever invention recently released is the PedEgg™ a unique “egg” shaped foot file complete with over 135 stainless steel micro files to gently remove calluses and dead skin to give feet an incredible baby soft look and feel.  Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into the palm of the hand, it is easy and convenient to use. 

One crucial aspect that people often overlook is to test the market to see if there is any interest in the product or service.

Before putting a great deal of time and money into a business venture, it’s ideal to test the market with a small sample of people and see what the reaction is. If there isn’t any interest, find another product. If there is, then you are ready to market to the masses.

Once you have a unique problem-solving product the next step is to let the consumers know about it. This is often the hard part for people, because they don’t know the ins and outs of marketing.

But without proper marketing even the best product in the world will lack in sales.
To reach his audience Khubani went to television infomercials. While many people overlook them as an effective marketing resource, they are actually watched by over 63 percent of American adults.

Furthermore, these “As Seen on TV” products are said to have racked up whopping $2 trillion in sales. In fact, in the last 25 years Khubani claims to have sold more than $ billion of retail products through infomercials.

Khubani says that once a business leader has identified the right product to sell and have marketed to the public, there is one more key aspect left for a successful business that is to have a good customer service mentality in order to keep people happy and coming back for more.

Once consumers learn to trust the company offering the products they help them, they will want to see what you offer next.

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