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A New Way to Analyze and Improve Phone Traffic

Small and medium size companies are in need of products and services that help them better understand how their employees are handling phone traffic.

These activities include ordinary business usage as well as customer service.  One new solution involves a management system that provides an ongoing overview of phone activities. 

Today, more than ever, every small business depends not only on employee productivity, but on quality of their service to the clientele - it is difficult to bring new business, and very easy to lose it.

Trisys Inc., has announced the introduction of a fully integrated call accounting, call recording and screen capture solution for the small to midsized enterprise (SME) market.  Focused on addressing corporate business needs through the implementation of easy-to-use software plug and play solutions, the technology enables small to mid-sized organizations to: improving quality assurance, customer service employee training and employee productivity, as well as satisfy compliance by providing auditing and archiving. 

The integrated solution will help SMEs improve customer service as well as quality assurance, by giving managers a birds-eye view of every aspect of their organization's telecomm and PC-based activities.  Trisys' TAPIT multi-user software combines with Replay and Screen Logger to enable better management and training of employees, protect the company from potential liabilities, improve quality assurance and help build the business. 

TAPIT extracts critical phone activity data (such as abandoned calls, on-hold time, ring time, etc.) from PBX systems, while REPLAY provides management with a way to capture, quickly search and retrieve associated call recording for all phone activity conducted within the organization.  This allows management to "play back" any call with the click of an icon.  The screen capture component of the solution, Screen Logger, will let managers look at what an employee was seeing on their computer at the time a call was made or received.  Combined with advanced reporting capabilities, Trisys technology will equip SMEs with the same call-statistic and call-recording data previously only afforded to larger enterprises.

"Our focus has always been on small to midsized organizations and our continued success within this market is a direct result of the benefits that our products continue to provide," said Michael Shevelev, Trisys' CEO.  "Our newest management solution, above all others, will help our customers thrive in this very challenging environment," said Michael Shevelev. 
This integrated solution from Trisys will work with any SMDR-capable PBX.  TAPIT and Screen Logger are also available as independent modules. Typical installation of the product takes less than an hour.  Since the products are "passive", no interference with the normal operations occurs. The only exception being when they are installing the recording solution, since it would involve temporary disconnect of the telephone line.  The disconnect/reconnect takes less than 2 minutes.
End-user prices start under $3,000 (depending on configuration).

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