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How to Negotiate Anything with Anyone Anywhere Around the World

In this age of the "global village" it takes world-class negotiation skills and international savvy to close successful business deals in other countries.

But where is information easily available on the etiquette and practical nature of wheeling and dealing abroad?

For instance: should an initial offer in Beijing be - high or low? Is it acceptable to haggle in Amsterdam? What's most important to a Russian prospect: price, quality, or delivery time?

The third edition of How To Negotiate Anything With Anyone Anywhere Around The World, by Frank L. Acuff (AMACOM, 2008) is a passport to worldwide negotiation skills and business success.

The book sets out to teach readers about four main objectives:

  • to help them avoid the typical mistakes and pitfalls of international negotiating
  • to enable readers to build on their current negotiation strengths
  • to help readers understand the process of international negotiations
  • to lead readers to strengthen their cultural awareness and skills

Acuff gives overviews of the negotiating process, how culture affects negotiating, phases of international adjustment, and more.

The book now includes 63 countries which are divided into 7 regions, and updated to reflect changes in the international scene as well as topics such as foreign outsourcing and multicultural work teams that increasingly characterize present-day work relationships, this guide tries to offer readers the advice and information they need to know about in order to negotiate with finesse and ease, no matter where they are.

Organized by region, the book delivers business profiles of each country, including "fast facts" on the monetary unit, principal imports and exports, population, cities, language, and religion. It also offers insight into fine points of negotiating, business entertainment guidelines, and delicate factors (such as regional sensitivities or gender issues) that can influence - or ruin - a promising deal.

Readers will learn important "inside tips" for smoothing out language barriers, choosing topics of conversation likely to warm up their hosts, avoiding those sure to turn them off, and making final demands and concessions before an agreement is reached.

Acuff offers what he calls "ten powerful strategies for negotiating around the world" which include:

  • Plan the negotiation
  • Adopt a win-win, interest-based approach
  • Maintain high aspirations
  • Use language that is simple and accessible
  • Ask lots of questions, then listen with eyes and ears
  • Build solid relationships
  • Maintain personal integrity
  • Conserve concessions
  • Make patience an obsession
  • Be culturally literate and adapt negotiating strategies to the host country environment

Conducting business in a foreign environment, where customs and conventions are radically different, is always challenging. But armed with this A - Z (Argentina to Zimbabwe) negotiation manual, readers will in a better position to do business with anyone, anywhere around the globe.

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