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Tips on Launching a Health/ Fitness Business in 2008

There are many professionals who work for others, yet yearn to own a business of their own.

For many of these professionals, lean times mean layoffs and less monies. 

In Just Jump: The No Fear Business Start-up Guide for Health and Fitness Professionals, Marjorie Geiser, RD, NSCA-PT, aims to help highly skilled individuals who lack business knowledge gain the confidence and know-how to start their own businesses.

Geiser is a registered dietitian, certified personal trainer and life coach, MBA student, and President of MEG Enterprises

Her message applies to health and fitness professionals, culinary geniuses, crafty moms, and more.  Perhaps even more relevant to these times, Geiser also shares her tips on how to establish a business with limited resources.

The book is divided into three sections.  Chapter One - First Steps/Discovery - describes how to create a vision, identify fears and goals, and organizing time and work.  Chapter Two - Clarifying - covers identification of an ideal client (choosing a niche) and creating a marketing message.  Finally, Chapter Three - Getting Down to Business - goes over writing a business and marketing plan and finding balance after the business is established.

Throughout the book, Geiser also goes over:

* How to use bootstrapping to start your business and build your client base, even in a recession
* 5 Do's and Don'ts of nutrition
* How to decipher the best and worst fitness/wellness advice
* How to increase productivity while on the job (and why it is OK to take a vacation!)
* Management and delegation tips
* Unique challenges for women in business
* How to navigate mid-life career changes

"This book is for every person I have heard from or spoken with who has a passion.  I have heard it from their heart.  Many of you will be reading this book because all you have ever dreamed of since school is to own your own business.  Although others may have discouraged you and you have previously allowed those voices to become your own, something continues to draw you to that light of business ownership.  Sometimes you have to jump!," Marjorie Geiser, RD, NSCA-PT

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