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Five Tips to Help HR Professionals Prepare for 2010

CheckPoint HR, a Web-based human-resources-management provider for small to midsize companies, offers five tips to help HR professionals focus on successful staging and preparation for the year that's unfolding.

CheckPoint HR believes that organizations that haven't done so should establish a road map for the year. Initiatives such as employee engagement, productivity, client retention and future goals must be reviewed in an effort to sustain a consistent economic recovery, or progress.

The year "2009 was a challenging year for many organizations and at CheckPoint HR, we encourage HR professionals to focus on creating strategies that not only tie into the business needs and objectives, but that also involve and empower their work force to make it happen," said Michelle Moylan, HR specialist, CheckPoint HR.

 "Our five tips can help guide HR professionals to help get their organizations prepared for a successful new year."

1. Employee Engagement: Increase employee morale and engagement by encouraging group activities that incorporate a sense of community. Encouraging employees to work together toward a nonorganizational objective for the betterment of others is a great way to create a sense of unity within an organization.

Companies need their employees to be reassured that the corporate focus is still forward-thinking and that there are many ways in which they can contribute to the success of the organization and of the community around them.

2. Productivity: A lack of employee engagement or uncertainty will most certainly affect any organization trying to progress successfully. For many companies, it's about survival. HR professionals have an opportunity to directly affect the organization's bottom line by educating managers and employees alike on the overall objectives.

It's not just about keeping a job or saving money. It's about coming in each day and cross-training, improving skills, producing quality work, providing superior customer service, offering to assist in other areas that might be short-handed and being innovative. Work directly with managers and employees to help provide guidance and tools to increase productivity. Develop an action plan to identify and implement suitable goals.

3. Client Retention: As the economy begins to slowly recover, organizations want to ensure they are retaining their clients. Use this time to assess or review what the challenges or feedback have been from clients.

What are they most in need of? Including these business objectives and "keeping your ear to the street" allows organizations to remain ahead of their competitors. How HR plays a role is by working with managers and staff to focus on the relationships and interaction they have with their clients.

4. Communication: In a time when many organizations are faced with the challenge to do more with less, consistent and frequent communication is essential. Interacting with staff helps alleviate stress, keep employee spirits up, and encourage production and support of the organization's mission. Companies with high employee morale have open lines of communication.

Transparency is also important. Employees appreciate knowing how the company is doing against its goals. With many companies having experienced layoffs or even salary freezes, it is helpful to share the results within the organization. Human Resources can play an integral role in encouraging management to communicate more openly and frequently with the staff.

5. Future Goals: For many HR professionals, it may seem a bit more difficult to assess what the priorities and agenda should be for the coming year. Discovering the areas of opportunity, need and improvement is where HR professionals need to focus.

Championing and communicating those strategies and reflecting the ROI or impact on the organization will be received by an audience that is eager to identify attainable solutions.

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