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Free Security Software for Small Businesses

A crucial element in business growth is properly maintaining IT infrastructure so it performs and stays protected at all times.

But cost and lack of security knowledge has often kept small businesses unprotected and vulnerable contributing to what the Government Accountability Office estimates to be $117 billion per year in losses and expense. 

To help close this gap, a new solution for security is now available to small businesses at no cost.

In order to help small businesses attain the same level of security as large corporations, PKWARE, a provider of data-centric security solutions, has released new security software called SecureZip 12.1 at no cost. This advanced security solution allows small businesses an easy and effective way to protect sensitive data at all times. 

No matter if the data is stored in computer files, in an email box, or anywhere in the recipient’s computer, the data is always protected and encrypted. Since SecureZip 12.1’s authentication software focuses on protecting the data itself rather than the whole infrastructure, it is never at risk of being viewed by unauthorized access or opened by an unwanted email recipient.

SecureZip 12.1 offers a free solution that is flexible for any small business as it does not require any changes to the current IT network, and is able to be deployed immediately. SecureZIP does everything you’d expect from a ZIP archive utility and makes securing e-mail attachments and messages simple, bringing public key cryptography into every user’s reach.  In addition, the new release fully integrates with Microsoft Office® and email applications, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, making Microsoft Office a secure application.  
SecureZip Version 12.1: 

* Is platform agnostic
* Automatically installs an X.509 digital certificate
* Provides global directory services so files can be securely exchanged without passwords
* Is easily scalable
* Does not interfere with or prevent day-to-day business functions and communications
* Is reasonably priced so that small and medium-sized businesses can now enjoy the same security as large corporations.

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