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Tips For Finding The Right Decision Person Within A Target Company

Whether contacting someone to submit a resume to or as a source of sales lead generation, it can be extremely difficult to locate the right person within a company. 

However, it is critical for success that the information gets to the person who has the power to make the decision.

These days voice mail is often being used as a screening device and can make it even more difficult to connect one-on-one with the right person.  That is, unless a person knows how to go about doing it.

Here are some tips to consider:

* Many people wonder if they should send their resume to the Human Resources department. Instead of doing this, people should call the future boss, not Human Resources. The Human Resources department has been set up to screen people out. This goes against the goal of getting in the company.

* Whether a person needs a name for a job or for a sales lead, a good place to find the names of the specific people who work for is a company's web site. Company web sites include links to what the company does, its philosophy, news stories, press releases, annual reports, the company's management team, and more. All of this information is widely available-all people have to do is look.

* When looking for a specific person, people should search for the highest person in the organizational chart that would be involved in the position or the sales decision. People should go as high as they can go, even if that means to the head of the company. It is better to have the resume or sales information passed down, then thrown out (or filed) by someone who does not understand the potential of it.

* If the internet doesn't yield a name needed, call the company and ask for it. Be persistent and call back again if necessary. Do not give up until the information needed has been obtained. When making a phone call, there are different types of people who will answer the phone and say hello. Whatever the type, be upbeat, friendly, and professional. Be ready for whoever is on the other line.

Story adapted from tips by career coach, Deborah Brown-Volkman,  

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