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Tested Spammer, Email Protection Available For Smaller Firms

Increasingly, companies are suffering from spammer problems.

Like mosquito protection, as companies ramp up protection, spammers find ways around these efforts. 

Large corporations invest in major spam blocking programs to protect their emplooyees.

Small and medium-size firms (SMBs) can now obtain the same technology used by the world's largest corporations (Tyson Foods, Hitachi, Kaiser Pemanente, etc.).

A simple service designed for small businesses, at small-business pricing is being brought "downstream" to help small businesses, who are increasingly the targets of cyber-criminals (due to the fact that they do not have the strong security in place that large companies do).

Proofpoint, Inc. has broadened its Proofpoint on Demand™ email security service offerings with the availability of Proofpoint on Demand—Standard Edition.

This lower-cost version is designed for small- and medium-sized businesses that demand powerful spam blocking, virus protection and content filtering capabilities (to detect outbound spam and virus-laden messages).

Often, these firms don't require the advanced customization or data loss prevention (DLP) features of Proofpoint on Demand—Enterprise.

roofpoint on Demand—Standard edition offers SMB-friendly pricing—as well as simplified configuration and administration—coupled with Proofpoint’s unrivalled anti-spam, anti-virus and content filtering accuracy.

“SMB’s today face the same email security challenges as Proofpoint’s large, multi-national enterprise customers, and they demand the same level of protection, combined with exceptional ease-of-use,” said Andrew Lochart, vice president of product marketing for Proofpoint.

“Proofpoint on Demand—Standard Edition offers SMBs a cost-effective, ‘no compromise’ hosted email security solution that delivers superior effectiveness, zero administration overhead, better support and a broader feature set compared to ‘budget’ services and low-end, appliance-based email security solutions.”

Proofpoint on Demand—Standard Edition is hosted in a multi-tenant environment that uses the same datacenters as Proofpoint’s dedicated offering, Proofpoint on Demand—Enterprise Edition.

The Standard Edition also offers the same performance guarantees including 99%+ spam effectiveness, 100% virus protection, “five nines” availability and “no delay” email delivery.

This ensures that SMBs will benefit from best-in-class, uninterrupted email security without having to invest in additional IT personnel or infrastructure.

Designed for true, “lights out” operation and zero administration overhead, Proofpoint handles all implementation, 24x7 monitoring and operational support, updates and upgrades for Proofpoint on Demand—Standard Edition customers.

Unlike budget SaaS solutions, the Standard Edition includes 8x5 phone support for customer requests and advanced availability features such as email spooling.

Proofpoint on Demand—Enterprise Edition has enjoyed rapid adoption and is protecting more than half a million global users in just the first six months of availability.

Both editions of Proofpoint on Demand are available now. A one-year subscription to Proofpoint on Demand—Standard Edition equipped with Proofpoint’s complete inbound protection suite (which includes anti-spam, anti-virus and content filtering features) starts at $2400 per year.

Multi-year discounts are available. Additional modules for Proofpoint on Demand—Enterprise Edition, including advanced data loss prevention and email encryption features, are priced on a per-user, per-year basis.

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