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My-iButton Offers Unique Electronic Display of Promotions, Personal Messages

In the quest for new ways of promoting products or services on a more personal basis, new ideas are always welcomed if they provide an economical approach that attracts attention.

One new technology that can turn anyone into an interactive, on-the-go advertisement, promotion or message is My-iButton.

The new offering is a programmable, lightweight, multimedia button that features a screen display offering both video and audio capabilities. By being fully programmable, it offers an interactively and interpersonally unique approach to demonstrate and promote products, services and information in a new way.

The customizable button can be pinned to a shirt, blouse, or jacket and the interchangeable pin also allows it to be worn around the neck as a lanyard.

Since My-iButton content is changed by easily downloading directly from a USB port, it can be used for advertising and promotions and changed often especially at shows or conventions or during store hours.

As an advertising tool, My-iButton can promote products, information and services at tradeshows, conventions and events.

My-iButton can show the world the new baby, the BFF or to show the latest You Tube Videos.

Not only can My-iButton display slide shows, presentations, videos, press kits and advertisements for up to eight continuous hours, the audio feature allows the user to listen to the action. The lightweight pin can be rotated to either a landscape or portrait view.

The My-iButton team has created standardized designs that surround and personalize the multimedia unit.

The user can choose one of dozens of pre-designed bezels to fit the moment, from beer bottles to blimps and baseballs to babies. At additional cost, the My-iButton design team can create customized bezels to promote the product and message.

Expectant mothers can begin showing their new child right from the first ultrasound on the "It's a Boy" Baby Blue Button or It's a Girl: Pretty in Pink Button.

The idea came to My-iButton CEO Richard Quintana as a way to add a 21st century twist to a tried and true advertising method.

"I always noticed large political pins with pictures on them.  The buttons are used for one event and tossed in box or thrown away. I thought, why not create a pin that can be used over and over, changed at anytime, and can display a variety of different interactive images and messages," adds Quintana.

From there, Quintana and his team expanded the technical capabilities of My-iButton beyond that of a simple video button. The My-iButton sports a 2.0 color screen, is fully rechargeable and carries an 8-9 hour battery life on a full charge.

Outside of its business applications, Quintana says he anticipates the My-iButton to be used for personal messages displayed by parents, grandparents, family members and friends.

It can even be used to spread the message for lost or abducted children. Quintana is also working on expanding the application of the My-iButton to be used at restaurants and bars as interactive tabletop menu and specials displays worldwide.

The My-iButton sells for $79.99 retail and is available at For more information go to: or call (714) 878-8064.

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