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Merge Program Offers Small Firms Ability To Meld Pictures Into Individualized Messages To Clients

Companies can increase sales from 5-25% by adopting a program that customizes their communications with existing clients.

According to OnMerge, companies that utilize software, called OnMerge Images, tied to their Microsoft Word document program can customize communications with clients or customers to generate new or additional sales.

Said Stefania Panfili, OnMerges Marketing Director, clients have used the software to remind customers to reuse a service, encourage others to partake of a facility and create one-of-kind mini-catalogs.

We had one pet grooming client take pictures of pets after grooming, send a reminder postcard with the picture six weeks later and generate significant repeat business, said Panfili.

A sport facility has staff snap customers enjoying themselves, take email addresses of their colleagues or family and send emails while the customers are still at the facility, she stated.  This is particularly successful during midweek slow times to increase sales, she added.

For a farm equipment distributor, an assistant customizes a mini-catalogue by entering a list of featured products each particular farm would need, and sends it out.

The product works well as either a print or email product, Panfili added.  Whats more, the cost for the software that is downloadable from the Internet is only $79.00 and there is a free 15-day trial offering available at

In the past, systems like this have cost thousands of dollars and required extensive training, Panfili said.  We have developed an effective way of providing this software at minimum cost and which is very easy-to-use for Word users.

Until now, variable data publishing (which this application is known as) has been the magic bullet used by high-budget marketers. Recent developments in variable data publishing have leveled the playing field for small businesses, said Panfili. Our website also offers a white paper that gives business owners and managers the cost analysis, set-up information and operational details they need to get started at

One caveat experts warn small business users about is the fact that most ISPs have restrictions on the number of emails that can be sent out each hour.  These experts recommend that users limit their programs to less than 100 an hour to avoid these restrictions, or else Google for one of the many inexpensive ($2 to $5 monthly) email relay service to bypass the restriction.

OnMerge is a small business enterprise located in Eugene, OR. Founded in 2005, the company is dedicated to making the power of variable data accessible to every business and home user.

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