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Canadian Song Writer, Small Business Owner Demonstrates How A Press Release Can Be Made More Effective

A Frog In My Hat could teach small business managers how to create an effective press release.

Danton ODay, the writer/producer of a CD recording of that name aimed at children, has constructed a news release that broadens the audience while at the same time creating excitement for his product.

The Canadian entrepreneur starts off the release by quoting others about his new recording.

October 5, 2006 -- "Awesome," "cool," and "I loved it" are just a few things kids and their parents have said about the songs in test-marketing the new music CD "Frog in My Hat". This is a fun and dynamic collection of 10 great songs all written by Danton ODay.

He then goes on to talk about its appeal to both children and young-at-heart.  Thereby expanding the universe for his product and widening its appeal both to consumers and the press personnel who would be reading the release.

These songs will have everyone tapping their toes, singing along, jumping up and just plain having fun. There are no purple dinosaurs here, just family-friendly songs written from the heart with stories and themes the whole family will enjoysongs for the young and the young-at-heart."

He then firmly puts his product into the context of other childrens offerings by mentioning purple dinosaurs, an obvious allusion to Barney, a popular childrens character without having to say it directly.  He does that without having to name the other product or stop the flow with the copyright and other information necessary should the release contain extraneous products or services.

Another good element in his release is to say he is an independent with no big studio support.

ODay than gives a complete list of songs in the CD and a short musical biography.

By the time an individual has read this release he or she has a complete understanding of the offering, its background and its appeal.  Moreover, the release tells where and how it can be obtained.

Finally, ODay ads the clincher a picture of the cover.  Most releases fail to ad a picture element which is so important in todays graphic world.

Many small and large firms can take a leaf from this release and learn four things:

  • Acclaim from others is an important factor in any press statement.
  • Complete information, including how to buy it is critical to getting readers to act.
  • Mentioning who is providing this product or service makes readers more comfortable.
  • Placing the offering against a universally known product or service is a definite plus.

Oh, yes, Frog in my Hat is available from your local book store or Borders.

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