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Owning a business is a cornerstone of the American Dream, and often an all-consuming one. In the feverish effort to start, manage and expand an enterprise, an owner risks missing the other elements of the success story.
Companies are missing opportunities and wasting resources because their managers are not focusing upon critical success factors for key corporate activities.
With many states requiring employees to be on payroll in order to obtain company-sponsored healthcare insurance, smaller companies will be hurt.
A new approach to reaching buyers and sellers of luxury items and services has been launched. 
In a clear challenge to Health Savings Accounts and private insurance measures, a bill has been introduced in the Senate and House to extend healthcare coverage to all Americans from birth to death.
Employees using company computers to access social networking sites pose a real danger to the integrity of the firm's IT defenses.
A new national survey of workers' compensation cost control practices is seeking participants. All U.S. employers with 500 to 5,000 employees are eligible to take an online survey of their practices in 11 areas such as post-injury procedures, communication, medical-cost containment, return to work, and fraud control.
Many business owners are taking another look at their own corporate culture and how they can make changes to strengthen the ethical behavior of every employee within the company.
As more and more small businesses (SMBs) and their employees rely on the Internet to conduct business, they are increasingly exposed to Web-based threats.
With identity theft soaring, new services to protect individuals and companies are appearing on a regular basis.
With an increasing number of small businesses, home-based businesses, and mobile professionals in the workplace, many companies are turning to virtual PBX and hosted unified communications services to provide service to their customers.

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