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Report And WebCast On Myths From the Federal Market

This newsletter has prepared a special report to help firms better understand how to enter and expand their presence in the government marketplace.  To download this section, click here.

Over the past several years, there has been a renewed interest in selling to the U.S. government market, Federal, state and local. In large part this is because of the downturn in the economy as well as interest in Homeland Security, the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other government programs. Press coverage has picked up and even Wall Street seems to have a renewed interest in the government market. Recent news has also highlighted the lobbyists role in the market.


To hear Mark Amtower (one of the nations leading experts on marketing to government) talk about these myths, click one of the links below. This program is available in Windows Media Audio (WMA) and MP3 formats.

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While the interest is growing, the market perceptions are, at best, blurred to most. This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses. The amount of myths, misinformation and half-truths about the government market abound, always on the periphery of otherwise intelligent business meetings, from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Much of this is perpetuated by the mainstream press, which often tells only part of the story.

Part of this perception is because those in the government market do have their own language and are loathe to explain it to the uninitiated. Part is because it is easier for many to think they cant play in this market rather than to work at getting into the market. Its always easier to complain than to act.

You do not have to be brilliant to enter and win in the government market, but you do have to be persistent!

There are also a few that think it will be simple to enter the market, simply announce their presence and money will occur. These companies often end up as chalk outlines on the sidewalk of the government market because regardless of who you are and what you sell, market entry is never quick, seemless, simple, and lucrative.

Some seem to believe that they get a GSA Schedule and the phone will ring. It just isnt so.

Everyone is looking for the easy way, the quick hit. The hardest point to get across is there is no single answer for every company, and it all involves hard work and education. And then more of the same. This is a huge market, but it is an incremental market. No market I know of is easy to enter, and if there were such a market segment, there would be more companies in it!

But this market is worth extra effort because once you are in, once you understand the process and the nuances, you will have a steady and steadily growing income base.

To keep other companies out of the market a number of rumors were perpetuated by those making big money from the government. Over the years, these half-truths, myths and outright untruths have evolved and spread.

To download this section, click here.

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