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Greater Interaction With Visitors Growing As Internet Competition Expands, New Avatar Technology Offers Lead Generation Solution for Small Businesses

With increasing emphasis on immediate interaction between online visitor and the company, a growing part of the Internet experience involves some form of talking responder.  Added to this feature is the need to answer free form questions rapidly.  The results are more free form interaction products that are aimed at smaller companies with limited budgets.

Experts agree that capturing the visitor in the first few words on the website is critical for continued interaction.  Besides excellent copy, there is a need for greater interactivity which often takes the form of an avatar or cartoon-like figure.
As competition for visitor attention increases, the complexity of websites will grow even more difficult to build and maintain.

With the number of small business Web sites increasing, small business owners continue to seek innovative solutions to monetize their online presence and grow business. At the same time, costs for being competitive are growing.  However, a growing number of offerings aimed at smaller enterprises are actually bringing the price of entry down. A key to driving sales is online lead generation, but until now cost-effective solutions have not been available for businesses with smaller technology budgets.

SitePal (, a product that allows small business owners to create talking avatars for any web site, has introduced new features that include an innovative solution for online lead generation and customer conversion. By implementing one of SitePal's low-cost virtual salespeople, small business owners can now collect and store contact information from potential customers so that a real salesperson can follow-up and close sales.

In addition to lead generation, the technology is also helping to simplify online customer service through talking FAQ functionality and an upgrade to SitePal's artificial intelligence system. The new features further engage customers while driving overall retention and conversion rates.

"Small Businesses, like any business, are obsessed with getting new clients. With the avatars acting as front line salespeople and generating leads, SMBs are gaining a cost-effective way of generating sales leads. Site owners easily program the avatar to pitch the product to visitors and collect their contact information. The solution works wonders and is very affordable. Imagine coming into the office every morning and having the phone numbers of visitors who are interested in learning more about your product or service," said Adi Sideman, Founder and CEO, Oddcast Inc.

To see how the system works, visitors may log on to for a technology and new features demonstration that includes:

--  Lead Generation Capture - Your personal business avatar collects and forwards customer information such as phone numbers and email addresses for sales follow-up.

--  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - An interactive talking avatar that can answer FAQs using text-to-speech or recorded voice.

--  Artificial Intelligence (AI) - An upgrade of the existing AI feature allows users to type in free form questions that are answered by a customizable talking avatar. The new question input field is built into the SitePal player, does not require additional coding and comes pre-populated with 40,000 common questions and answers.

About SitePal

SitePal, developed and distributed by Oddcast (, allows small business owners to create speaking animated characters (avatars) for any web site. This innovative tool enriches the user experience, is cost-effective and is proven to increase sales and conversion rates. Over 6,500 customers worldwide use SitePal. For more information or to demo and purchase SitePal log on to or call 212-375-6290 x225.

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