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Geek Squad Promotes Remote Services As New Offering, Speeding Acceptance By All PC Users

Despite misgivings by many PC users, the concept of remote services taking control of a computer to help identify and fix problems is gaining acceptance.

In a major model switch, Geek Squad has announced it is offering such a service, obviating the need for a technician to come to the clients location.  In its original configuration, Geek Squad touted the personal service of its trained corps of experts.  The onsite visit was a key component of this effort.

While still retaining this element, the company is offering a broader range of services that can be handled through remote services facilities.

There are a number of offerings in this area already and Dell as well as other providers already practice set control options with clients.  However, with the best known personal services group offering this service, it is expected to speed greater acceptance amongst clients.

Geek Squad's announcement this week on launching its remote PC services offering promises to intensify the already heated battle for home PC services, which is beginning to shift in favor of remote capabilities over on-site. A wide variety of retailers, warrantee companies and home services providers are having to act quickly to add remote Internet-enabled services if they are to secure a piece of the rapidly expanding home electronics support market.

PlumChoice ( claims to be the nation's pioneer in remote PC services and current market leader with tens of thousands of customers already taking advantage of its remote services through a variety of top-brand business partners.

According to Ted Werth, founder and CEO of PlumChoice, "It is clear that remote services' time has come, with major retail channels acknowledging the unbeatable convenience and cost-savings of remote services. We're standing at the cross-roads and what we're seeing is the beginning of the end for expensive, time-consuming on-site services as the primary method of service. PlumChoice has proven that remote services can consistently resolve 84% of all PC-related issues while delivering an astounding 94% customer satisfaction rating -- it should be every consumer's first choice in service. However, time will tell which organizations are capable of achieving this kind of success and which ones are left playing catch-up."

The company combines the latest innovations in remote desktop technology with a proven online delivery methodology to offer the easiest and most effective range of support services on the market. PlumChoice's services are also available through Circuit City stores. For more information, visit or call 1888-PLUM-HELP (758-6435).

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