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Despite misgivings by many PC users, the concept of remote services taking control of a computer to help identify and fix problems is gaining acceptance.
2006 is quickly coming to an end, but if your company operates an e-commerce website and counts on the very important holiday selling season, theres still time to for you to implement these practical tips that can increase online sales. By following these tips, your business can maximize its marketing dollars while helping your brand stand apart from other competing products and clutter on the Internet. 
During this open enrollment season, many of the larger analyst firms are releasing new data on the costs of healthcare and the trends that are being seen in the industry.
Aon Consulting recently conducted a survey of over 90 health insurers with over 100 million members.
One way that any business, small or large, can help reduce the costs of their healthcare is to create and promote a wellness program for their employees.  These programs can help employees make healthier lifestyle choices, such as about what they eat, getting enough exercise, and reduce other problematic behaviors like smoking or drinking. 
After a negative email was sent to all 180,000 employees by a manager in his department, Kaiser Permanentes Chief Technology Officer resigned recently.
With increasing emphasis on immediate interaction between online visitor and the company, a growing part of the Internet experience involves some form of talking responder.  Added to this feature is the need to answer free form questions rapidly. 
Just recently, FREBREEZE, a new consumer product offering went online and promoted free coupons for anyone willing to download them.  It is the latest example of consumer products utilizing the Internet to drive store traffic.
This newsletter has prepared a special report to help firms better understand how to enter and expand their presence in the government marketplace.  To download this section, click here.
A Frog In My Hat could teach small business managers how to create an effective press release.
Intuit penetration of the small business marketplace continues to grow.  More importantly, they are effective for many small businesses.
Small and medium size companies have been in the forefront of shaping marketing messages to specific audiences but many firms have not embraced this concept.
Companies can increase sales from 5-25% by adopting a program that customizes their communications with existing clients.

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