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The sales process and customer relations---two important areas of marketing for small and medium size companies are coming under increased examination.
The growth in web-based applications that have pay-as-you-go pricing schemes are helping smaller firms to more effectively compete with larger competitors.
As initial lackluster holiday sales reports send waves of concern through the retail industry, a post-election survey of 7,000 public company CEOsconducted in the immediate post-election period by the Investor Relations Division at The Attention Groupidentified a growing concern about the 2007 performance of both the U.S. economy and the U.S. stock market.
Every second, the federal government spends $563.11 through its credit card program. A transaction in this area occurs every 1.25 seconds. This past fiscal year, both measurements increased.
After a negative email was sent to all 180,000 employees by a manager in his department, Kaiser Permanentes Chief Technology Officer resigned recently.
One way that any business, small or large, can help reduce the costs of their healthcare is to create and promote a wellness program for their employees.
Aon Consulting recently conducted a survey of over 90 health insurers with over 100 million members. 
During this open enrollment season, many of the larger analyst firms are releasing new data on the costs of healthcare and the trends that are being seen in the industry.
2006 is quickly coming to an end, but if your company operates an e-commerce website and counts on the very important holiday selling season, theres still time to for you to implement these practical tips that can increase online sales.

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