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Remotely Monitoring Unattended Computers Can Prevent Cyber Attacks

Unattended computers can be the achilles heel for many firms. 

TeamViewer GmbH, a provider of solutions for online communication and collaboration, now offers a Host Module enabling the control of unattended remote computers. This solution connects two computers, without manual confirmation of the unattended computer, while maintaining the highest security standards.

TeamViewer solutions work via Internet, creating a secure connection between two computers located anywhere in the world. Downloading the Host Module generates an ID number and prompts the user to set a password, both of which will be used to access the host computer. Then a unique connection is established, and runs permanently in the background of the host computer. To access the host computer, users simply enter the host ID number and password as the partner details on their TeamViewer session.

With the Host Module function, and with all TeamViewer sessions, remote reboot is now possible. This allows users to update software or servers on a distant computer without losing the remote connection.

All TeamViewer solutions operate with the highest security standards. Transferred data is encoded with Advanced Encryption Standards (AES 256 bit) and RSA private/public key exchange, creating a fully secure client to client connection that prevents man-in-the-middle and brute force attacks.

"Our TeamViewer Host Module is designed for everyone," states Dr. Tilo Rossmanith, Founder and Director of TeamViewer GmbH, "From professionals at home accessing the office computer, to system specialists controlling a distant server, this convenient solution has a number of applications users can rely on with confidence," finishes Rossmanith.

All TeamViewer software features cross-platform support, and is fully operational on both Windows and Mac systems. TeamViewer solutions are constantly updated to guarantee fast internal performance. TeamViewer works behind firewalls, enabling information sharing without compromising computer security.

TeamViewer is available for non-commercial use completely free of charge and that version includes the following features:

* Support, remote maintenance, presentations, training and sales combined in a single solution
* File transfer and chat
* Unproblematic operation behind firewalls and routers
* Totally secure connections - Security standard as per https / SSL
* Remote maintenance of unsupervised PCs / servers without additional host licence costs (incl. remote restart and reconnect)
* Includes genuine VPN channel (Virtual Private Network) in addition to pure desktop sharing
* For Windows and Mac OS X incl. cross-platform connections

Several license options are available for commercial use, allowing businesses to select the software suite which best suits their needs including a 6-month package for $249.00, a permanent business package for $699.00 and a premium permanent business package for $1399.00.

TeamViewer is available immediately and can be downloaded at

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