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Experts Urge Companies To Look Inward For The Keys To 2009 Success

The seeds of company success in 2009 may rely on internal resources, according to a survey of experts across a broad spectrum of expertises.

A consensus seems to be forming from surveys and interviews conducted by Information Strategies, Inc.,(ISI) whereby experts are urging companies to look inward for the keys to sales and profit growth.

In talks and press releases, experts urge firms to build a positive internal framework around which build 2009 efforts.

As one pundit told an audience of senior financial executives in October, "your employees and current operations are the best place to start. And I don’t mean cutting staff or real resources.

Among the seven strategies urged in ISI’s pundit discussions:

  1. Reassuring staff and communicating details of the company plan for 2009 can boost morale and lead to more positive employee outlook and efforts counteracting any negative news or events.
  2. Monitoring expenses and financial resources without drastically cutting promotional and other marketing efforts means the company will be positioned to growth when the turnaround comes.
  3. Creating sales programs that involves the whole company and builds positive momentum. Teams that go through hard times together are often better for it, particularly if they have some positives that come out of their efforts.
  4. Contacting current customers and prospects and putting a positive spin on company efforts is the best method of keeping current sales while generating new orders.
  5. While many companies are foregoing major raises and new benefits, others are creating a pool of employee incentives for the year to boost sales.
  6. Limiting any negative impact on employee salary and benefits and communicating the challenges facing the company is always a good methodology to align employees with the firm goals and needs.
  7. Above all, management should maintain a positive outlook and communicate that feeling to employees

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